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Results-driven Sales and Marketing Manager With 8+ Years of experience and 5X Salesforce Certifications

Sales and Marketing professional with extensive expertise in business operations, marketing strategy, digital marketing, and driving sales growth. Proven track record of developing and implementing successful sales and marketing initiatives, resulting in increased revenue and market share. Adept at leveraging Salesforce's capabilities to optimize sales processes, improve customer relationship management, and drive overall business performance.

Skilled in analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities, and developing targeted marketing campaigns to maximize brand visibility and customer engagement. Possesses excellent leadership and team-building abilities, fostering collaboration and motivating cross-functional teams to achieve exceptional results. An adaptable and results-oriented professional committed to delivering strategic solutions and surpassing targets in dynamic and competitive environments.

In addition to my professional life, I dedicate myself to empowering women, particularly those hailing from rural areas with traditional Indian backgrounds. Through organizing intimate chat sessions in the villages of Rajasthan, I strive to inspire and encourage these women to pursue their own careers. Having grown up in a traditional Rajasthani family, I fully comprehend the challenges of pursuing personal ambitions without familial support.

Outside of my endeavors to uplift women, I indulge in various passions and hobbies. As an enthusiastic traveler, I embark on exciting journeys, immersing myself in diverse cultures and experiences. I also find joy in the culinary arts, experimenting as an amateur cook and capturing the beauty of food through photography. Engaging in physical activities, I hone my skills as a badminton player, relishing the thrill of the game. Furthermore, I harbor a deep fascination with aviation, aspiring to become a pilot and relish the exhilaration of flying airplanes.

Rajya Puruskar | 2005

Awarded by state level honour for outstanding volunteering work done as a part of The Bharat Scouts and Guides.

Winner #BraveTheStorme | 2012

Stood first in India by giving 2,400 unique creative answers to a single question.

Awarded with an SUV car by Tata Motors India.

Queen of The Road | 2013

Best women driver title in North India, awarded by Maruti Suzuki.

Haier Global Slogan Campaign Winner | 2013

As a freelancer won the Haier global slogan campaign in 2013. 

Pravasi Bhartiya Award | 2019

Awarded a Silver medal by Her Excellency in London at Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas Celebration.


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Enterpreneurial and Tenacious

We work through our careers and encounter talented people, with perhaps few that stand out. Piyusha stands out for many compelling reasons.

She brings an entrepreneurial spirit to workflow. Creative and tenacious, she provides her best collaboratively. This is coupled with a diversity of thought and experience that add value. Contributions are in place with a contagious enthusiasm that enhance outcomes. Your workplace would benefit from these elements, provided joyfully and memorably.

Pedro Manrique

Business Consultant, DRP Systems

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